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The first two MaddAddam books virtually exterminated humankind, leaving only a handful of survivors. In the third and final volume, these former scientists, hackers, and pole-dancers face their future and must decide, among other things, how they shall build a new society with genetically-enhanced pigs for neighbors. Our aim in this episode is to chat about the highs and lows of the recently-concluded series, but we can't help but also gush a bit about Margaret Atwood--one of our mutual favorites.

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LitWit #1: Graphic Novels

In this first episode we discuss graphic novels--what we like about them, how we read them, and what makes them different from the non-graphic novels we typically read. Specifically, we look at My Friend Dahmer (2012) by Derf Backderf and Artifice (2013) by Alex Woolfson, but we can't help but talk also about Matt Wiegle's Romeo and Juliet (2008), Osamu Tezuka's Buddha series (1972-1983), and the works of Alan Moore. We intend LitWit to be a monthly series and hope you'll join us for this and forthcoming episodes.


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